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Hunting Deer Accessories

For whitetail hunters, the right accessories can make the difference between a successful hunt and a frustrating one. Stock your store with tried and true gear that will help improve customers’ odds of success this season.


Clothing, such as hunting pants and jackets, that won’t rustle or rattle, is important. Likewise, lightweight, quiet footwear can prevent deer from noticing your presence. To learn more about Hunting Deer Accessories keep reading the article below.

The Method 2 saddle is the most advanced, versatile, and comfortable tree-sitting system available. It offers a quiet, compact, metal-free two-panel design that allows hunters to easily maneuver and adjust their position. It also helps reduce noise, making it easier to sneak up on wary bucks.

The patented Quick Connect Panel System utilizes rare earth magnets to effortlessly deploy and reattach the lower panel of the saddle at hunting height, eliminating the need for clips or adjustment straps that can rattle during the hunt. The system is also fully adjustable so the user can customize their setup to best suit their needs.

In addition to the patented quick-connect panel system, the Method 2 features a circular bridge loop that works in conjunction with the adjustable bridge to allow for dynamic weight distribution. This allows for on the fly adjustments to be made without fidgeting, ensuring proper support is being delivered to the hips and back for optimum comfort.

While the Cruzr XC is an excellent tree saddle, the Method 2 is the next generation of saddle hunting and is considered the industry leader. It offers a small profile while hiking in at a minuscule 9 inches and a full range of adjustability once at hunting height. It’s comfortable and secure with a lineman’s loop that easily holds dump pouches with little sagging, and webbing leg straps that connect with G-hooks.

The Method 2 also includes a large front molle loop that’s perfect for a grunt tube or aider. The molle loop is located in front of the lineman loops so it’s easy to access and not in your way when climbing up or down the tree. The Method 2 is an ideal choice for Michigan bowhunters who must be mobile and stealthy to avoid the pressure of heavily pressured areas, while optimizing comfort during long all day sits. To learn more, check out Latitude Outdoors. They’re a top-notch company with an awesome team that truly cares about the hunters they serve. Latitude products are 3rd party tested to ensure quality and safety.

Filson Chaps

If you’re going to trudge through thorny, brushy terrain that could tear standard jeans or pants to shreds, hunting chaps are an absolute must. Made with the same abrasion-resistant waxed cotton as Filson’s Cruiser jacket line, these tough chaps can handle anything the outdoors throws their way. They’re also easy to maintain. A simple re-wax every now and then will preserve them for years to come. (You can find step-by-step instructions for re-waxing on the manufacturer’s website).

For bowhunters, a pair of warm and quiet Filson chaps is an excellent investment. While many insulated chaps use stiff outer fabrics that make deer-spooking noise with even the slightest movement, this pair uses a quiet, 175-gram merino wool and poly blend. It is both breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping the wearer comfortable through several outings in winter whitetail country.

During the early days of Filson, Clinton C. Filson listened to his customers and refined his designs based on their feedback. Today, the company still builds comfort, protection and durability into every product they sell. These chaps are no exception, featuring a double layer of Filson’s tough water-repellent oil finish Tin Cloth from the knees down to fend off briars and wet brush. Flat felled seams, bar tacking at stress points and a Rugged Twill hem binding ensure they’ll stand up to years of wear. They’re easy to put on over boots thanks to side snap adjustments and two belt loops. They’re available in a Regular or Long fit, with inseam lengths of 29-31 inches.

If the thorns and brush are too much, you can always opt for a pair of TurtleSkin SnakeArmour chaps. These are twice as thick and sturdy as Filson’s Single Tin chaps. They’re a bit heavier but will keep you a step ahead of the thorns and brush all day, year after year.

You can’t forget a quality knife for preparing and cleaning your game, either. A heavy-duty option, like this 4.3-inch fixed blade from Browning, can hold up to the rigors of field dressing and skinning big game. For a more lightweight alternative, check out the Leupold RX-Fulldraw 4, which offers six times magnification for precise aiming and target acquisition without weighing you down.

Black Diamond Headlamp

If you spend any time in the woods pre- or post-daylight, a headlamp is a must-have for your hunting gear. Whether you’re chasing down a blood trail after dark or just navigating the darkened woods on your way to your tree stand, having the right headlamp is a necessity for your safety and the efficiency of your hunt.

There are many different types of headlamps out there, and the one you choose will depend on what kind of hunting you do. For example, if you’re a whitetail bowhunter and are hunting on public land, a light that is waterproof and able to survive a few drops of rain might be a good idea. If you’re an elk hunter and will be hiking in the backcountry, a headlamp that can provide enough lumens to get you close to bedded or roosted game might be best.

The Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp is an excellent choice for a backpacking headlamp. It doesn’t sit at the top of Black Diamond’s headlamp lineup, but it offers a great feature-to-price balance and provides everything you’d need in a backcountry headlamp. It’s lightweight and packs down to a tiny size, yet still provides enough power to illuminate the trail ahead of you. Plus, it comes with a battery meter that will alert you when your batteries are about to run out.

This headlamp is easy to operate with only two buttons – one large button turns it on and off, and the other controls what LED is active. Pressing and holding the large button while it’s on will enable strobe mode with the LED that is currently active. And pressing and releasing the smaller button will cycle through a range of brightness settings, from full strength to dim.

The Cosmo also has a long battery life and battery reserve, which is a great feature when you’re out in the dark of an unfamiliar backcountry. It’s waterproof with an IPX8 rating and can be submerged for 30 minutes. It can also use standard AAA batteries as well as rechargeable ones, so you have more options for powering it.

Hunter Safety Systems Ultra-Lite Tree Stand Safety Harness

A fall from a tree stand is the leading cause of hunting-related injuries and deaths. However, a properly-fitting safety harness and proper anchoring can significantly reduce the risk of such an accident. In addition, a harness can help you navigate tricky climbing situations and get in and out of the stand with greater ease and safety.

While there are many different types of safety harnesses on the market, not all are created equal. In fact, some are surprisingly effective at protecting against falls while also making it easier to maneuver in the stand and shoot.

The Hunter Safety Systems Ultra-Lite Tree Stand Safety Harness is a perfect example of this. This harness is built to prevent rock climbers from falling as they scale cliffs and other rock faces, but it also works well for hunters who spend long periods of time in a tree. The padded shoulder straps are thin and lightweight, but they provide plenty of support without feeling bulky or restricting movement. The tether features shock-absorbing sections and tear-out pleats to reduce the impact of a fall. And, the spliced loop on the tether is big enough to hold a prusik knot or mechanical ascender to facilitate self-rescue if needed.

Another great feature of the Ultra-Lite is that it includes a suspension-relief strap to ease the strain on the shoulders and torso during a fall. This is especially important for deer hunters, as it can be difficult to reach the ground after a fall and can even be life-threatening if the fall is severe.

The Ultra-Lite is a premium harness, but it is still remarkably affordable considering how durable and functional it is. It is also incredibly light and compact, which makes it ideal for carrying in a bowhunting backpack during the hike to your stand. However, the long tether snags easily on branches and should be tucked in a pocket when not in use.

When shopping for a new safety harness, always try it on before you buy it. Check that it fits properly and doesn’t pinch or dig into your shoulders. It’s also a good idea to test it by hanging in the tree and simulating a self-rescue, if possible.